NC4ES will permit Hot Spot connections for the convenience of NC4ES Members in areas of poor repeater coverage, or those who are traveling and away from Eastern NC or other reasons.  A partial of talk groups will be provided through our mmdvm gateway.  Any abuse or technical issues such as looping, cross-linking, high loss rates or robotic keyups will result in blocking of the user at fault.  

As with every DMR device it is extremely important to ensure your DMR ID is set correctly to YOUR number.

Never operate two or more hotspots at the same time on the same frequency or on a repeater frequency, this can create a serious audio looping issue and render the server useless.

Off Network Repeaters:

The NC4ES team is happy to host a publicly available MMDVM repeater to allow access to our system. If you would like to connect your MMDVM repeater to our network, please contact us.

Off Network Bridges:

NC4ES is willing to bridge our cluster and chat talkgroups to other networks via OPENBRIDGE protocol. Please contact the team if you would like to discuss further.


Please contact us either via:

Telegram: (preferred)