March 21, 2022

Roanoke Rapids

We have installed and brought the Roanoke Rapids DMR machine online.

440.625000, +5MHz, Color code one for this particular site 🙂

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    Jay Ricks KM4TCM June 11th, 2022 Reply

    is there a built codeplug for a M XPR 3500E? i was just scrolling through and this caught my eye as i live in Roanoke Rapids and wouldnt mind getting this in my radio to fool around with a little. Its been a few years since i have been ota but it would be awesome to have it in my radio if the need may arise if nothing else.

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      Michael July 25th, 2022 Reply

      Hi Jay,

      I’m not aware of anyone with that radio. You can join our telegram group to ask there, that might be be your best bet…


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