June 14, 2022

Columbia and other updates

Columbia is on the air!

Washington is back online!

New Bern is back online, however in local mode until we can get some network updates done by the IT team at that hospital.

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  • User
    Richard Brittingham February 24th, 2023 Reply

    Is the 407 obx tgif talk group and/or 31377 talk group accessible on the Columbia repeater? I am very new to Dmr and using a CS800D radio. Thank you

    • User
      Michael May 1st, 2023 Reply

      Hi Richard,

      Sorry for the delay. I have been moving to a new house and haven’t had much time to check the website lately…

      http://cluster.nc4es.org:8080/info has all the info pertaining to talkgroups that are available via our repeaters. Currently the repeater is offline though from the network. We are working on re-establishing that link.


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