The NC4ES Cluster uses standardized talkgroups in our codeplugs and have the following available via the cluster:

All talkgroups are also available via this page

Timeslot 2: Static
TG 2: – Cluster Full Time Link
         – TGIF Network Linked via 31001
         – VA HEARS Network Linked via 310001 TS1

Timeslot 1: Dynamic
TG 9: Local
TG 31373:  East NC
TG 31377: OBX
TG 31379: NC TAC
TG 440: Carolina 440 Net –
TG 43277:  NC/VA HEARS
TG 27501: Chat 1 (Link via repeater)
TG 27502: Chat 2 (Link via repeater)
TG 27504: NC4ES RF Link  (Activated when needed to various destinations)
TG 27505: NC4ES EHPC
TG 31000: Echo-Test

Additional talkgroups can be considered for TGIF networks. For a request, please email the sysadmin, Michael at